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1000th Dive Commeration


During Voladors first
West Pac trip in 1951
she made dive #1000.

Later in the trip the Volador was
involved in a sea rescue.
Steve Madigowski (the story's
was the starboard lookout when
the mishap occurred right over his
head. The boat was taking a war
correspondent aboard, who had
previously jumped with the airborne
into Korea, and then was to do a
story on submarine participation
in the war.
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Front Row -
Dill (TM1), E. McMullen (CS3),
W. McNeil (TM3),
H. Soumi (TM1)

Back Row - J. Knox(EN2),
J. Pruitt (TM1)


Front - Massey (EMC),
Linihan (MM2),
Lewis (TM2),
G. Lee (QMC)
Back - Rogers (QM1),
Fred ?

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